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Narrative consulting

Whether you’re in concept or the final stretch, we’ll help you craft diverse worlds and compelling stories with confidence.

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Editing for games

You wouldn’t publish a novel without editing it first—and your game deserves the same attention and care. We’ll fit into your development process and add the right level of polish.

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Voiceover production

Save time and money and get better performances with script editing and prep—or leave it to us with our full VO service.


Feeling stuck with your story, or just looking for a fresh perspective?

Discover worldbuilding best practices, engage in guided brainstorming, workshop narrative mechanics, get feedback on your work in progress—whatever you need! 

One of our clients calls this story therapy, and one session can be just the thing to push through a creative roadblock or see your work in a new light.

Worldbuilding with purpose.

Creating a world is a big responsibility! We’ll help you shape original, engaging settings and scenarios, steering clear of harmful tropes and worn-out clichés. Build worlds your players will want to spend time in.

Vibrant characters, gripping stories.

Together we can tackle your story from a variety of angles, addressing theme, conflict, challenge, pacing, plot, and narrative structure. 

Craft compelling characters with thoughtful, positive representations that will make your players feel seen—and connected to the people they meet in your world.

Our values-driven approach

  • All art is political, and every creative work has something to say. What are you putting out there?
  • Your world, story, themes, and gameplay should all align—with each other, and with what’s important to you.
  • Figure out your world’s ethos, and the rest will follow.
  • Representation matters.

Want to know more about our method? Check out some talks I've given about representation and responsible worldbuilding.

Care for a spot of story therapy?

Dive in with a 90-minute introductory session for you and your team. 

Book a consult – $375

Editing for games

Have text? Then you need an editor.

If your editing process begins and ends with QA testers filing bugs against typos, it’s time for an upgrade. 

We go beyond spot fixes and ensure the text as a whole is clear, consistent, and impactful.

Make every word do work.

If it’s not supporting the player’s experience, it’s in the way.

Slim down your word count without sacrificing a thing.

Get ready to go global.

Streamline localization by getting your base text in great shape before handing it off to translators.

If your game was translated to English or written in English as a second/additional language, you can be confident it’ll come out sounding natural and professional.

We know good writing, and we know games.

We’ll edit your...

Game text:
  • Dialogue and narration
  • Recording scripts, casting docs, and pronunciation guides (see our VO script prep & recording services!)
  • Item descriptions and flavor text
  • In-game books, journals, and letters
  • Map and UI text
  • Localization database (give your translators a boost—let us edit your English base for a smooth localization process!)
Marketing and supporting copy:
  • Story bibles, wikis, and docs
  • Store page, website, and campaign copy
  • Press releases, blog posts, and newsletters
  • Social media and community content
  • Festival and award applications

Don’t go without a guide.

We'll create a custom style guide for your project, documenting all the nitty-gritty details about formatting, punctuation choices, spelling of unique words and names—everything your content team needs to be on the same page.

Meet our team ➛

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